Photograms in the Digital era

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Yes! Ι DO use two digital DSLR and one compact camera. I do also use my cell phone for handy shots.

Yes! I feel pleased with their quality and reliability. They are convenient, practical, fast and such smart devices that they sometimes make me feel stupid. 

Yes! I am totally devoted to the technology advancement. To be informed about it, has been my daily “commitment”.

No! All of the above are not enough. I would like to produce pictures with whatever available. I am interested in playing with every kind of device and material that has to do with pictures. I really want to take steps backwards and learn about obsolete methods, practices or creations.
The creation of photograms is a journey to the past. In this booklet there are descriptions of all the methods I use to approach –as close as possible- that forgotten method. It also includes all the necessary advice and constructions so that you would join me to that journey.

Photography enables you to play and when you play… most times you have real fun!